Frequently Asked Questions

How is the training done at M.Y. AIR? 

   All flight training is done one on one, so the student is getting the 
best and most thorough instruction possible. All scheduling is done online,
so your training is done flexibly around your schedule. We schedule 2 hour sessions
that consist of 1 hour of flight, and another hour of pre and post flight briefings.

How do I choose a flight instructor?

All flight instructors at M.Y. AIR are experienced, hard working, and
have a love for teaching. They are very eager to meet the personal needs
students. Instructors will be assigned to you for the duration of your
training to maintain consistency and familiarity. For a brief overview
of our instructors, please go to the instructor’s link on this website.

Which license do I need?
The Private Pilot license (PPL) is the initial license for anyone who
is looking to become a pilot. The private pilot is able to fly a single
engine airplane anywhere in the United States. Most people considering
flying for recreational purposes could be happy with just the private
pilot course. People who are looking to become airline pilots or flying
for any commercial operation will need the Private Pilot license,
Instrument Rating, and Commercial Pilot license.

How do I start?

To start, you will need a United States passport or birth certificate,
photo I.D, and an FAA approved medical. There are many places to get
the medical and the physical, itself, is not very rigorous. For a list of
doctors in your local area please ask an M.Y. AIR official. There is some
paper work that needs to be filled out as well, which is done on the
first lesson, or can also be downloaded by going to the courses link
on this website. If you are not a United States citizen, there are ways to be
approved for flight training and we can help you upon request.

How safe is flying?

Flying is just as safe as any other kind of transportation, if not more so.
The airplanes are inspected constantly by trained professional
mechanics, and are inspected before every flight with a thorough pre-flight
inspection. If an engine malfunction occurs, the airplane becomes a
glider and is able to glide to a safe landing area. There are only an
average of 25 mid-air collisions a year nationwide. Flying is as safe as we
make it. Only 2% of aircraft accidents are the result of mechanical problems.
We take training seriously here at M.Y. AIR
so that you can be a safe pilot.

How long will the training take?

For students who are interested in hobby flying as a private pilot we
recommend that students fly at least twice a week, so the information is
retained, and lessons are not repeated. The private pilot license takes
an average student 4-5 months. For people who are interested in a
career in aviation and enroll in the M.Y. AIR Airline Express package who
are flying everyday will graduate within 9 to 12 months, ready for a career.

What kind of jobs can I get once I graduate from M.Y. AIR?
When you graduate from the airline express program you will be highly
qualified for an assortment of jobs: flying for the police, fire
department, civil air patrol, gas and oil companies, doing pipe line checks,
banner towing, and many more opportunities. These jobs are consistently
in high demand all across the United States. After doing these types of
jobs until you acquire roughly 1000 hours, you will be able to go to
the airlines and charter companies.  yousef al otaiba bio