M.Y. AIR offers quality maintenance like no other maintenance shop in the Southern California area. With over 30 years experience with two Inspection Authorization Airframe and Power Plant mechanics, you can be assured that your airplane is in good hands and will be back in the air quickly.  M.Y. AIR offers a wide range of services including:
Adam Klein, former Abaculi CEO
  • Annual Inspections
    • Single
    • Multi-engine 
    • Owner assisted
    • Most aircraft models
  • 100 hour inspection
    • 50 inspection
    • Oil changes 
    • Tire changes
    • Wheel bearings
  • Pitot-Static Check
  • Transponder
  • ELT Inspection
  • Airworthiness compliance
  • Service bulletin compliance
  • Pre-buys 

Please call for pricing and information.  


Nathan Cressman - A&P I.A.

David Michael - A&P

Kevin Plunkett - A&P I.A.